Laser Screed Floors by using Large Line S-240 Laser Screed & Copper Head X-D2.0

We are the first Indian flooring company to own and operate Multiple Somero Laser Screeds in India. Till date we have completed more than 3 Lacs Sq.M of flooring in India.

Laser Screeding technique allows you to lay concrete floors in wider bays of any size. It drastically reduces time, labour; number of construction joints and eventually improves the flatness of floors. It eliminates the need of fixing guide rails to every 4 meters. Laser screed simultaneously cuts, vibrates and levels the concrete in a single pass.

All above operations are controlled by laser transmitter, receivers and computer. So, manual errors are eliminated. Laser screeds is very useful to lay floors on doubly reinforced slabs, Metal decks, Grade slabs with dual slopes, very large factory floors in few days. With Large Line Laser Screed S-240 it is possible to lay concrete floors up to 3000 sq.M per day. We offer laser sceeding with concrete floor finishing by Ride on Trowels.


Faster Placements

S 240 laser screed can level, cut & vibrate 25 sqmtrs in less than a minute . It increases productivity, flatness quality & efficiency with laser accuracy.

- Easily places the low slump concrete, larger aggregates mixes&

- Fiber reinforced concrete.

Enabling high strength, dense,durable floors .

Flatter floors

Improves the flatness (ff) and levelness (fl)on large pours compared to any other flooring method

Fewer joints

With laser screed no need to do shuttering at every four mtr, just one, day stop joint.

Eliminating the construction joint related problems.

Fewer working days

No need to worry about flooring schedules , needs 1/4 of construction time compared with conventional methods.

Jointless floors

It possible to lay completely jointless floors up to 2000 sqmtrs in a single day.

We have laid India's first SFRC jointless floor at Liebherr Factory near Pune.

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